Cornelis Plastics – Cirepa
Cornelis Plastics is a producer of plastic packaging products, which are mainly sold nationally. The company is specialized in extruding plastic films, printing of the film and eventually producing the packaging to customer specifications.

Cornelis Plastics has an extensive know-how in developing new products and qualities. Excellent service, flexibility, and value for money are key to the success of the company.

The group Cirepa is specialized in printing plastic film for different purposes. Cirepa sees in this acquisition a great opportunity to expand into additional markets, with additional qualities and products, and being able to vertically integrate the extrusion and packaging activities to serve customers of both companies with a wider product portfolio.  Cirepa will invest in Cornelis Plastics to even improve the quality of the products and to enable further growth.

SDM Corporate Finance Group NV was advisor for seller in the sales transaction.
In a later stage, SDM also acted as advisor to Cirepa to obtain the necessary acquisition and investment financing.


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