After a complex "WCO carve out" ( comparable to Chapter 11 exit) and a "Management Buy In" supported by a strong industrial partner; "Smulders Group NV" are confirmed to be in a position to continue the operations of several high grade steel manufacturing companies.

Together, the companies Iemants, Willems, Boombeke, Spomasz representing an employment of 770 persons have been carved out of the Smulders holding into a new holding company shared by the management and by the industrial partner "Eiffage".

Smulders Group is a company that is specialized in high quality and complex steel structures. Thanks to years of experience and a very strong engineering team Smulders Group is capable of mastering very high quality projects in a global environment. Both architectural and industrial projects apply the lens for this company with 770 employees.

Moreover, the company has a specialized department that deals with the design and construction of foundations for offshore wind farms.
SDM Corporate Finance Group has assisted in this carve out and integration process as advisor of the management team.

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