Walter Van Gastel, founded in 1983, has grown into a business empire with seven outlets and two flower shops, and has become very important in Flanders and Brussels,  as far as quality flowers and plants are concerned, but also regarding trendy gardens and interior decoration. Recently Walter Van Gastel opened a new location in Olen and a new site will be opened in Ninove later this year.
Hubo, a store chain fully owned by Belgian entrepreneurs, has with its 130 shops a national coverage in Belgium and is also active in other EU-countries.  Hubo realizes a turnover of 550 million Euro and is the second largest hardware store in Belgium.
Due to the acquisition of ‘Walter Van Gastel’, Hubo will acquire a solid position which lays the foundation of a vast growth in a very disintegrated market of ‘Green shops’.
The ‘Van Gastel’ family will remain active within the firm and their years-long experience will continue to add value to the company’s growth.
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