Advice tailored to you

Whether you are buying or selling, SDM will first look at the whole picture: the business and the market situation but also the shareholder and his family. Our findings and recommendations that respond to your needs and wishes will only follow after that. SDM guides you from A to Z and is also at your service afterwards.

Equity restructuring
If you want to buy or sell a business, a healthy balance sheet and cash position is essential. SDM knows what is needed to achieve that: we will map your financial weaknesses and strongpoints and check which transactions you should best realise to put your business into the market as a stronger player.

Family succession
Are you the owner or co-owner of a family business and you would like to sell your shares to a relative or a third party? Do you want to buy-out your family and continue on your own? Do you have successors in the family but still want to secure part of the equity built up?

Thanks to our years of experience SDM is perfectly attuned to the sensitivities and opportunities of family businesses. We will look together for transactions that would best fulfil your business profile and that give you and your family the best benefits and security.

Leveraged Buy-Outs & Buy-Ins
You are the director of the business and want to buy-out the other shareholders together with other members of the management? Or do you and your management have another business in mind? And will you finance everything with your own means or with help from third parties? SDM helps you to structure the transaction(s) and to find the right financial or industrial partners. Our international partner alliance offers major added value in this.

Mergers & acquisitions
Do you want to take over a business or merge with another business? Then SDM will establish together with you how you should best structure and finance such transactions. We not only look for the right business at the right price, but also take account of the scale benefits, synergies and savings the transaction could give you.

Financing transactions

Carrying out a ‘Buy & Build’-strategy costs fistfuls of money. Buying a business is one thing, financing the transaction sustainably is another. SDM is an experienced player in both. Private equity, venture capital, a bank loan or mezzanine-financing, these are all possible financing methods. We give advice on which would be best for your business and bring you into contact with the right financial partners. If required, SDM will also guide you through the labyrinth of government subsidies and government guarantees.

A network of experts both nationally and internationally
SDM has a lot of knowledge in-house but sometimes special knowledge is needed for special transactions. For that reason we cooperate with well-situated advisors and partners:
  • National, international and regional accountants and company auditors
  • Reputable legal firms and tax advisors
  • National, international and regional banks
  • National and international investment and participation companies (private equity, venture capital)
  • Specialised mezzanine funds
  • Institutional investors
  • Private investors