Buying a business

Your business is going well and you want to expand or diversify. Or you would like to take over a competitor but taking that step yourself is delicate. In all these cases SDM is the perfect contact.

SDM analyses, looks for scale benefits and synergies and gives advice on how you can optimally realise your plans for growth. SDM also guides you through the labyrinth of government subsidies and government guarantees.

Worldwide portfolio
Thanks to our specialised databases and our international network we have access to financial data on all business in all sectors. From these SDM distils a long list of companies that fulfil the profile sought and your expectations. After a thorough analysis we will begin negotiations with the most suitable companies on the list in consultation with you.

Extra investors
Will you pay for the acquisition yourself or will you have to look for extra capital or an external investor? Would it be better for you to choose private equity, venture capital, a bank loan or mezzanine-financing for that? SDM offers you an overview of possible financing, gives advice on which you should choose and brings you into contact with investors and financial institutions. SDM also carries out the negotiations, together with you.

Subsidies and government guarantees
The federal and regional governments have a wide range of financing opportunities for entrepreneurs with plans. The Participation fund (Participatiefonds) acts as a co-investor in projects by young self-employed people or small businesses. It also provides credit on top of the venture capital from private investors like business angels. In addition the “Participatiefonds” has co-financing solutions for jobseekers who want to start as self-employed people. On its part, the Participation company Flanders (Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen) encourages loans from private individuals. It stands guarantor in part for bank loans to Flemish small and medium sized enterprises. The fund supports further venture capital, innovation, internationalisation and projects in the cultural industry.
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