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A team of experts with more than 20 years of experience gained in over 1,000 deals

Working with SDM means working with a hands-on team of specialists who take a personal approach. Our partners perform a leading role in every assignment so that you achieve your objectives. In sync with entrepreneurs.

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Passionate dealmakers

Ready to talk about your company, your financial estate and your future plans? You’re best doing that in an atmosphere of trust and confidence.

  • 100 percent independent
  • International network
  • More than 1,200 references
  • More than 200 advisors internationally

Our passion? Tailor-made capital solutions that create value. That’s why you and your family are always at the center of our advice. It’s only by attentively listening to your story that we will understand what drives you and what your needs are.

For small, medium and large organisations

SME or multinational?

Always rely on the full commitment and expertise of a highly motivated, highly specialised team.

International network

SDM is a co-founder and one of the driving forces behind the Advior International.

As a Belgian member, we have access to a team of more than 200 M&A specialists worldwide. This gives us a unique position on the international market, with the knowledge about your sector that’s necessary for us to detect early sale and acquisition opportunities.

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