Selling your company

Sell your company professionally

Ensure a smooth transition to the new owners.

Tell us about your plans

Rely on more than 20 years of experience and more than 1,000 completed deals!

Passionate dealmakers

You have invested your time, energy and your life into your business. Now you’re ready to secure your financial future by allowing your company to be partially or completely taken over. But what is the real value of your company? Where will you find a suitable buyer? And how do you put the whole process into effect?

SDM starts with a total obligation-free evaluation of your company, discussing the possible sales paths and preparing a full sales file. We take care for the negotiations, the drafting of legal documents plus the closing of the transaction.

  • Experience and expertise in all sectors, with more than 1,200 successful references;
  • Access to an extensive network of potential buyers and investors;
  • No cure? No pay!

Selling your company: how we work

Selling your company is an intensive process for which we take full ownership and arrange everything for you so that together, we can realise maximum value.

  1. As part of the preparations we perform an obligation-free analysis of the figures and possibilities of your company to determine its value.
  2. Together with you, we determine the best, most lucrative path from every perspective: yours, your family's, your company's.
  3. After we come to an agreement, we then start up the sales procedure. This is our area of specialty.
  4. We iron out any problems, issues or concerns you may have in negotiations, and actively support you with a specialised team of legal experts until the sale is successfully completed.

Our independence makes it possible to deliver your result without conflicts of interest or other powers playing a part.

Three reasons to rely on SDM

No cure? No pay!

We join you in striving for maximum value creation. From the very beginning, we work with you to define your goals. This way, you know what to expect. We draft the contracts and offer you legal advice. And as we are confident of doing what we promise to do, you only pay if we achieve the goals.

Network that opens doors

SDM-Valorum has an extensive network that offers access to both the Belgian and the international market of entrepreneurs and investors.

As a founding member of Advior International, SDM has access to a global M&A team of 200 Corporate Finance Specialists and legitimate dealmakers. This allows us to approach the international market independently.

On your wavelength as an entrepreneur

Your business doesn’t just run on figures.

It’s your life’s work. A piece of yourself. We honour this by offering a personal approach to sales and investment advice. You speak to us as one entrepreneur to another. Work with trustworthy specialists who use transparent language and pride themselves on accuracy.