Smart Deals: win-win situations for entrepreneurs and investors

Entrepreneurs want to optimise and secure their financial estate. Investors are on the lookout for valuable investments with a certain return. Smart Deals bring the two together.

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Trust in more than 20 years of experience in investment management

Smart Deals: for entrepreneurs who look ahead

Would you invest 80% of your capital in just one public share? Of course not! But you may have done just this by keeping all your capital invested in your own company.

A Smart Deal allows you to reinforce your company while also securing your personal capital. You don’t leave the company, but you secure your financial estate whilst creating business opportunities.

  • Strengthen your company;
  • Make the transition from illiquid company capital to liquid private capital;
  • Bring talented employee(s) into your capital.
  • An exclusive SDM-Valorum product;

Why do a Smart Deal?

The Smart Deal allows you to determine your financial future without putting your company under pressure.

Would you like to give management or talented employees the opportunity to become involved? Or your children? How do you organise succession? Would a Buy & Build strategy be right for you?

Grow through acquisitions and secure private capital by using a SMART DEAL transaction.

Testimonial from a Smart Deal entrepreneur
Testimonial from a Smart Deal investor

Three reasons to rely on SDM-Valorum

No cure? No pay!

We join you in striving for maximum value creation. From the very beginning, we work with you to define your goals. This way, you know what to expect. We draft the contracts and offer you legal advice. And as we are confident of doing what we promise to do, you only pay if we achieve the goals.

Network that opens doors

SDM-Valorum has an extensive network that offers access to both the Belgian and the international market of entrepreneurs and investors.

As a founding member of Advior International, SDM-Valroum has access to a global M&A team of 200 Corporate Finance Specialists and legitimate dealmakers. This allows us to approach the international market independently.

On your wavelength as an entrepreneur

Your business doesn’t just run on figures.

It’s your life’s work. A piece of yourself. We honour this by offering a personal approach to sales and investment advice. You speak to us as one entrepreneur to another. Work with trustworthy specialists who use transparent language and pride themselves on accuracy.

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