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Running a business is your area of expertise, dealmaking is ours

As a corporate finance specialist, SDM creates value for business owners. Based on years of experience, we give personalised guidance and support, not only to small and medium-sized businesses, but also to multinationals, by making deals that will strengthen and grow their businesses.

Smart Deal

Don’t wait to leverage your personal assets as a business owner. Our Smart Deal enables you to balance your assets as well as enabling key employees and successors to participate in the transaction.

Buying a company

Buying a company involves more than just raising capital. SDM guides you through this delicate process which can be laden with financial, technical, and emotional challenges.

Selling a company

When you decide to exit your business as an owner, our team of dedicated and passionate dealmakers will guide and support you throughout the entire process from start to finish.


Are you a young business professional or experienced manager with acquisition plans? Our Smart2GO facilitates the search for potential target companies by supporting you with intensive guidance and providing you with a full-service solution.

We create value for business owners 

We create value for business owners 

We create value for business owners